Reading & Phonics

We are very proud of our pupil’s accomplishments particularly in reading. In 2019 our Key Stage 2 Reading Progress was significantly above average and in the highest 20% of all schools.  In 2017 our KS2 reading results placed Cowling in the top 2% for reading progress nationally.

We aim to foster a love of books and reading with classes enjoying stories every day. Our children celebrate World Book Day and discover the bedside books their teachers are currently reading! 

Reading begins with phonics and we use Letters and Sounds supplemented by additional phonic based resources matched to the phonic level to help children make strong progress. With regular practice both in school and at home our children learn to crack the reading code and a wonderful world of both fiction and non-fiction is opened up to them. Evidence shows that fluent readers make the most progress in primary school and go onto achieve well in secondary education. Reading is the key to success! 

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