At Cowling Primary School we follow the National Curriculum and strive to enrich the curriculum wherever possible. Our children are taught in classes, small groups or individually, according to their needs, within the framework of the National Curriculum. A variety of teaching styles are used in school, based on good practice and teachers continually reflect on their teaching. We are always seeking to innovate where appropriate, to maintain high standards and provide the best in primary school practice.

We enrich the National Curriculum using a range of resources including the topic based Lancashire Curriculum. Our curriculum drivers are:

Be Curious, Be Knowledgeable, Be Adventurous, Be Creative, Be Collaborative, Be Reflective, Be Positive.

Everyone at Cowling follows the Eight Steps To Success

  • Imagine, Improve, Understand others, Don’t give up, Try new things, Work hard, Concentrate, Push Yourself

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