YR Home Learning Gallery

Wow we have had some fantastic work completed at home. Our gallery is the place where we will be showcasing our fabulous home learning.

We have had some fabulous Maths work through games and sorting objects at home, measuring ingredients for baking, reading and finding objects beginning with ... while on our daily walk, phonics and writing activities as well as art for our NHS and covers for our diaries.

On our second home learning week we've had noughts and crosses and reading to find the sound games with our phonics words, science looking at creating shadows as well as experiments to make volcanoes and crystals, superb making of sliders for DT, great measuring for maths both with rulers and for baking, shapes made from pebbles, using recycling to create a bug and a guitar and I had a video of some amazing reading. Thank you so much for all your fantastic work keep it up!

Thank you for your support