Year 1 Phonics

This is the page where a weekly plan can be found for Year 1 phonics. The key to phonics is lots of repetition. You can look for the digraphs in books as well as completing the suggested activities. I have included a plan and resources for the week and hope that you find these useful. Thank you for your phonics support. 

Week 17 - w/c 13.7.20

This week we are revisiting all our phase 3 and 5 sounds. It is so important that we know all these before year 2 that we thought it was beneficial to revisit to ensure that we know them all.

Week 12 - w/c 8.6.20

Due to us not being at school we have uploaded phase 3, 4 and 5 sight words. You can use these to update your sight words at home. Most children will have phase 3, 4 and a lot of phase 5 depending on where they were with their individual learning. Some children may have already had all the sight words. If possible please could you check your sight words and if you know them all add some new ones to your set if you have some left to learn.  It would be amazing if you knew all your words by sight ready for year 2!

In addition to this we'd love you to practise spelling the year 1 common exception words. You can learn 8 at a time using look, cover, write check, PurpleMash Spelling under 2do CEW Quiz or magnetic letters and have a spelling test after a week. We have attached the words to be learnt below.