Home Learning Science

Week Beginning 13.7.20 (Thursday)

MAKING PREDICTIONS: Choose objects from around your house that you think will/will not be magnetic. Can you make a list of the items using the attached sheet and tick or cross whether you think they will be magnetic. Check your predictions - were you right?

Week Beginning 6.7.20 (Thursday)

INVESTIGATE! Are all coins magnetic? Can you make a prediction about whether you think all coins will be magnetic? Y1 and 2 - Can you give a reason for why/why not you think they will/won't be and fill in the sheet attached at the bottom? Carry out your investigation and then write about your results on the attached sheet.

Week Beginning 29.6.20 - Can you use a fridge magnet to find objects in your house which are and are not magnetic? Can you draw a picture/write a list of these objects? You can complete this in your book or use the sheet in the attachments.

Week Beginning 22.6.20 - Can you use materials to drop an egg from a height and keep it safe? Don't forget you need to stop it from breaking. Which materials will keep it cushioned and safe? Don't forget that you need to stop it from rolling around and escaping. There is a hint sheet at the bottom just to provide help.

Week Beginning 15.6.20 - Can you find different materials and talk about why they are useful. Record your findings in you book. eg. My jacket is made partly of plastic. This is because it is a waterproof material and keeps me dry in the rain.

Week Beginning 8.6.20

This half term we will be looking at materials. Can you have a look around your house and find objects made of different materials? Can you fill in the table attached with what you find? You can either record your work as a written list or pictures or a combination of words and pictures its up to you.

Week beginning 1.6.20

Linking to our work on "The Snail and the Whale" can you carry out some volcano experiments? I have attached two sheets below so that you can try two different kinds of experiments. What happens is you use more mints/bicarbonate of soda? Can you record what happens as a video with you explaining what happens when you use more/less?

Week beginning 18.5.20

Look at minibeasts. Can you do a little research with your parent about where these different minibeasts live. Where is their habitat? On your daily walk can you locate some minibeasts and photograph them in their habitat? You could download the app pic collage to make a collage of your pictures to send in.

Week beginning 11.5.20

Can you sort the animals into the correct categories? This is a revisit can you recall your knowledge? Can you add any more animals into the categories?

Week beginning 27.4.20

Can you keep a weather diary from Monday to Friday? Can you draw the weather for each day of the week? You can either complete your weather diary in your book or you can print the sheet attached below. 

Week beginning 20.4.20

Continuing with our life cycles this week we will be looking at the life cycle of a frog. In our gallery it would be fantastic if we could have lots of artistic pictures of different frogs. Can you draw and label a type of frog that lives in the jungle or a frog that lives in a tree? 

Attached below are activities related to the life cycle of a frog and I have also added a 2do on PurpleMash to paint a frog either freehand or using the template.