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Week 15 - w/c 29.6.20 (Tuesday)

This week we are going to look at rules and routines. Once you have completed the activity, you should be able to to do the following below: 

I can remember two of our school’s rules.

I can explain what happens if we do or don’t follow the school rules.

I can tell you about one of our school routines.

I can explain how having routines helps us.

Make sure you look at the PowerPoint first.

Choose the activity sheet you feel is right for you. 

Week 16 - w/c 6.7.20 (Tuesday)

What Are the Ten Commandments? Use the information on the Lesson Presentation to introduce the Ten Commandments. Explain they are a set of rules which help Christians and Jews live their lives. Explain that they are listed twice, and although both versions are worded slightly differently, both were given by God on two stone tables to Moses on Mount Sinai. Explain that the Ten Commandments are often shortened or worded slightly differently to make them easier to understand. For example, ‘You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain’ could also be written as, ‘Do not misuse God’s name’ or ‘Respect God’s name.’ Similarly, ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour’ could be written as, ‘Do not tell lies’ or ‘Always tell the truth'.

Ordering the Ten Commandments: Children to use the Ten Commandments Activity Sheet to discuss and prioritise which commandments children think are the most important.

Week 17 - w/c 13.7.20 (Tuesday)

Learning about the the rules and routines for the Jewish Shabbat. Use the lesson presentation labelled Shabbat. and complete the activity in attachments.