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Week 15 - w/c 29.6.20 (Wednesday)

Nigel and Suki enter the cave and inside they find a treasure chest...and a skull and crossbones!

When I was one I sucked my thumb

Week 16 - w/c 6.7.20 (Wednesday)

The final part of the series, 'Sun, sea and song',  is a singing medley of all the songs.

Week 17 - w/c 13.7.20 (Wednesday)

In the first part of Tiddalik the Frog - an Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' story from Australia - Tiddalik is so thirsty that he drinks all the water in the streams, then the rivers and finally the billabongs. The other animals - Kookaburra, Koala, Dingo, Emu and Kangaroo - have no water to drink and don't know what to do. The music activity focuses on copying rhythm patterns and the listening music explores the didgeridoo.