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Week 17 - w/c 13.7.20 (Friday)

In this lesson you will be exploring Andy Goldsworthy’s work with circles and spirals. You will recreate some of his pieces of work either through collaging or painting. 

Week 16 - w/c 6.7.20 (Friday)

This week you will learn about the traditional loom weaving method used by Turkish. You will learn that most cloth is made by weaving thread, which then makes fabrics to make clothes. You will see examples of beautiful Turkish rugs and blankets that were made using the loom weave technique. You will have the opportunity to make your own loom frame and use it to weave natural materials to make a great piece of art. Alternatively, you will learn about the origins of dream catchers and have a chance to make a simple dream catcher for yourself. .

The plan, slides and work are in attachments.

Week 15 - w/c 29.6.20 (Friday)

This week we are going to get blowing! Can you make some bubble print flowers using washing up liquid, paint or food colouring? You'll need a straw to make the bubbles.You'll find the instructions in attachments below. There's a fun video in 'related links' showing you how to make the bubbles.

Week Commencing 15.6.20 and 22.6.20 - Can you create a painting or collage of space? If you are feeling very ambitious you could have a go at creating a planet using paper mache and a balloon.

Week commencing 8.6.20 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z6g2xyc Have a go at an art lesson with Pablo from CBeebies. Can you create great facial expressions on your characters?

Week commencing 1.6.20 - Can you create a sea picture using the pictures from "The Snail and The Whale" for inspiration? You can collage, draw or paint.

Week Commencing - 18.5.20 - Can you create a minibeast of your choice? You can use junk modelling, paint or playdough you choose how to make your creation!

Week Commencing - 11.5.20 - Can you create a spider and a spider web? You can use junk modelling, string or any other medium you would prefer inc paint or playdough. 

Let's look at Jackson Pollock. Can you find out about this artist and try some painting just like his? Remember to send some of your pictures for our art gallery.