Home Learning - Week 11

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and keeping busy.  

I have attached a newsletter outlining the work for the next week other activities to this page. 

I am going to be setting work weekly this half term and the work is now going to be set for each day for Maths, English and the other curriculum subjects.

Don't forget that Mrs Conlon has created a Class 5 blog on Purple Mash where you can post blogs and comment on other people's blogs.  If you go to the shared tab at the top of the page on Purple Mash, then click on Class 5, the blog will appear with a message from Mrs Conlon on how to create a blog. I have commented on Mrs Conlon's blog and it would be great to see you posting your own and commenting on each others.   Mrs Conlon will be monitoring the page and it has only been set up so that Class 5 and teachers in school can comment.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to send me any work or photos of the things that you have been doing to our class email, if you want to, so I can see what you have been doing - don't worry if it isn't the work that has been set though.  


It is lovely to see what you are doing at home.

Missing you all and take care

Mrs Pease